Kangol X HAT CLUB Custom Collection

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Deep in the heart of Northwest England, iconic headwear and lifestyle brand, Kangol was founded.

Gaining its notoriety for providing berets to the British army in WWII, Kangol then moved onto outfitting the English Olympic Team in the 1948 opening ceremonies.

The original seamless cap was born in 1950, titled “504” which referenced the number of the wooden block the hat was shaped on.

Kangol made their first association with musicians such as the Beatles, Mary Quant, Pierre Cardin and Arnold Palmer amongst many others in the 1960’s. In 1983, Kangol became the “fashion accessory to have” by many pop artists and gained major traction in the hip-hop world, which they still hold today.

Friday marks another important date, as the legendary brand releases their custom collection for HAT CLUB, consisting of three buckets and two 507’s.

Take a look at these iconic styles with a twist:



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