Crop of 2010 MLB Rookies with NCAA Experience Paying Big Dividends


The 2010 MLB rookie class has been nothing short of amazing as this current class has made the Rookie of the Year race one of the more intriguing awards races in recent memory.

An interesting trend to take note of is the amount of former NCAA college players making an impact on their respective teams so quickly with little to no time in the Minors.

The Washington Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg hasn’t had any rookie-like starts until his return from injury Tuesday night against the Marlins.

Just 2 years out of Florida State, Buster Posey has single-handedly sparked an anemic San Francisco Giants’ offense into the thick of the NL Wild Card race.

Mike Leake went from dominating the Pac-10 at Arizona State in 2009 straight to the Majors this year with the Cincinnati Reds; being one of the main forces that have kept the Reds in 1st place the majority of the season. Another former Sun Devil; 1st Baseman Ike Davis has given the New York Mets some hope for the future with his 15 home runs and 54 RBI’s heading into Tuesday, just 2 years after being drafted.

Check out some of our latest Zephyr NCAA Fitteds that we recently got in that pay homage to this super rookie class of 2010.

In a nod to electrifying rookie phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg, pictured below here is our Zephyr 2Tone San Diego State Aztecs done up in a gray crown and black visor. The front logo has the Aztecs’ logo embroidered on front.

Zephyr 2Tone SDSU Gray-Black-Red Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg

Our next hat pictured below is a nod to baseball power-house Arizona State University that regularly pumps out future MLB players with our fitted Zephyr that is done up in an all black crown and visor with the interlocking “AS” logo embroidered in the school colors of maroon and gold.

Zephyr ASU "AS" Black-Maroon-Gold Reds pitcher Mike Leake Mets 1B Ike Davis

Scoop these up at and check out more of our selection of exclusive fitteds and snapbacks that drop on the daily.

– Jon Nguyen

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