Incredible Story from DJLEOLEO


Incredible story from DJLEOLEO: “Today at work I made a new friend. His name is Ivan and his mom brought him to meet me after she bought him his first hat last week. It flew out the window and she said he was devastated. You can’t even tell but he has autism. His mom told me he doesn’t do good with strangers, but for some reason he let me pick out his hat and try different ones on too! I was up on the ladder and he got on the first step, and started saying the alphabet and counting. Such a smart kid! He ran around my store with his little rocket and he gave me a hug before he left! I had to take a picture to remind myself of this small but meaningful moment. I may just work at a hat store, and I don’t have the power to change the world but I do have the power of spreading some love, good vibes, and make a memorable impression on people that surround me. This kid melted my heart He trusted a stranger and made a life long friend in the end.”

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