In conjunction with the release of HAT CLUB’s Summer 2014 Snapback Collection, HAT CLUB had the opportunity to chat with Casey White, designer and co-founder of Brandiose and The Clink Room.

You started designing high school logos during college – where did your love for logo design and sports come from and what enticed you to make a career out of it?

Jason and I have been best friends since kindergarten and we always loved art and design. Our mothers were really encouraging of our interests. Taking us to art classes at the zoo during the summers, they were always up for trips to the craft store for some crazy project we were working on. We loved flipping through the Star Struck catalog, checking out all the crazy Minor League logos. While we were still in High School, we designed logos for a few local High Schools. We both had crappy summer jobs one Summer home from college, so we decided to take our High School art portfolio and see if we could get a gig designing logos for a Minor League Team. We wrote 160 letters to Minor League Baseball teams and one got back to us. That was our job for that summer, designing our first Minor League identity. When we graduated, we decided to do it full-time. Jason and I are really fortunate to be able to say we’ve never had another job other than Brandiose since we graduated from college.

Explain the concept of Brandiose and how has it evolved since its inception?

At first Brandiose was a sports design firm but it’s really evolved into something that feels much more like Walt Disney’s Imagineers. Imagineers are the folks that dream up and design all the stuff you see at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. That’s kinda what we do for professional sports now. We work with teams on their brand and merchandise but we also help develop their in-game entertainment, their ballpark signage, etc. We also have developed an app that is now the official fan experience app of Minor League Baseball (MiLB Inside the Park), we’ve expanded into designing packaging for Mattel and Disney, and we design product for great brands like Nike and Hat Club.

What is it like working with your best friend since kindergarten and what roles do both you and Jason play in the company?

It’s a very unique relationship. We’ve been making stuff together since we were 5 years old, so there’s an unspoken language and trust that we’ve developed. Jason is really a visionary guy. He’s great at guiding the company and serving our customers. As we’ve grown, we’ve added great talent to our team and Jason coordinates all of our team members. My job is 99% design. For the most part, I get to pick and choose the projects that are most inspiring to me, projects like our collections that we create for Hat Club!

What are the key elements that make up a strong logo?

Story! A compelling story, a fun story, a story with substance.

How did the relationship between HAT CLUB and Brandiose form?

Hat Club approached us to create designs that would be exclusive to their brand. Hat Club is such an amazing company to work for. They really let us run wild. It’s some of the most fun work that we’ve ever done. You know how I said earlier, for the most part I get to pick and choose what projects I get to work on? Hat Club is always mine.

What was the inspiration behind HAT CLUB’s 2014 snapback collection?

Hometown pride is the theme of this collection. We wanted to dream up designs for Hat Clubers to show their pride in their city or a city they love.

Which hat is your personal favorite and why?

Oof, don’t ask a designer to pick favorites. They’re all our babies. I will say, Sunset Bear and NY Jaguars came out pretty spectacular.

Any exciting projects coming for Brandiose?

Always!  New team identities for Minor League Baseball’s 2015 season are underway. We just wrapped a monster project for Nike that I can’t talk about, but it will be out Spring 2015. And of course, more fun collections for Hat Club are on their way in the next few months. Shoot, we’ve got fun stuff planned for Hat Club through 2015. Lots to look forward to.

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