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After creating one of The Clink Room’s best selling designs, we had a chance to catch up with Chris Cox, designer of the Sea Devils 5950. Take a look at what Chris had to say about his design and future projects he will be working on…

Where did your love for art and design come from and what inspired you to become a Graphic Designer?

I grew up drawing incessantly and I always knew I wanted to make some kind of career out of it. As I reached high school I started to realize that there were relatively few jobs out there for artists/illustrators. So I started taking graphic design classes. I went on to get a degree in graphic design and illustration, and was hired directly out of college.

What does it mean to be a “Clinker” and how did you get involved with The Clink Room?

I have no idea what it means to be a Clinker but I stumbled across the Clink Room a few years ago through a different website that I assume was sports or design related (I can’t recall exactly). Aside from my affinity for logo design, I’ve always really enjoyed seeing the work that goes on “behind the scenes”, so naturally when I discovered the Clink Room I became a regular visitor of the site.

Please tell us about the Shadow League design challenge and what made this particular contest unique and/or challenging?

I didn’t really find the Shadow league challenging to be honest. I thought the parameters of the contest fit my style perfectly. I always design logos in black and white and don’t really address color until much later in the process. This means I tend to come up with more silhouette styled logos, so when the Shadow League was opened up I immediately knew I was going to enter. I just had to come up with a concept.

What was the inspiration and creative process behind your winning design?

The Sea Devils logo was inspired by Seattle. I live in Seattle and I figured I’d design something that could be sort of interchangeable with the standard Mariners hat. So I knew I was going to do the letter S and was pretty sure it was going to be white, on a navy hat. Once I had that in my head, it was just a matter of figuring out which animal would fit well with the shape of an S, as well as make sense for the pacific northwest. The seahorse fit perfectly and has a really recognizable silhouette. I just had to draw one up with my own personal style and make sure it read well on the front of a hat. The Sea Devils is on its third colorway now and has continued to be the best selling hat the Clink Room has released, so I think everything worked out pretty well in the end. I’m looking forward to more colorways (hopefully).

Any exciting projects coming up?

I’ll be taking on a branding/identity job of a high end bar and restaurant after the beginning of the new year. I’ve done two previously and they’re always really fun, rewarding projects. Other than that, I’m trying to motivate myself to finish a couple of drawings and paintings that I’ve started and never got around to finishing.

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