As part of the inaugural release of 1LOVEIE at select HAT CLUB locations and HATCLUB.COM, we had the opportunity to chat with the brands founder, Justin Hudson about his ongoing love for hats and his commitment to promoting the community which surrounds the brand.

Where did your love for hats come from?

I have always had a love for hats ever since I was a kid. I grew up playing baseball and collecting hats was a hobby for me. Ironically enough I still have a few hats from when I was a kid.

What influenced you to make a career out of hats?

I wanted to make a career out of hats because if anything I’m an avid hat collector of hats and I have always viewed hats as a timeless piece of fashion and I wanted to add my contribution to the hat world.

Please explain the inception of 1LOVEIE brand and how has it evolved since then?

The Idea of 1LoveIE came from me traveling and from people always asking me where I’m from. When I tell people I’m from the Inland Empire people always question where is that. As a kid/teenager I could never find a hat that quite represented me. A hat that gave me an identity of where I was from, like my family from LA or my friends in NY or Florida. I also wanted to create a brand that promoted Peace, Love, and Unity for Every community around the world starting from the Inland Empire. I also wanted to create something that my community would embrace and be proud to wear most importantly the motto of 1LoveIE is “Together We Are 1″ so no matter where you’re from we all come “Together as 1.”Ever since the birth of the brand in 2012 the brand has been accepted by a variety of people. It’s very humbling and exciting to see online orders come from outside the Inland Empire and, from various countries and different states. Again, the brand is not just for the Inland Empire the brand is for any and everyone who believes in Peace, Love and Unity. 

Tell us about the recent collection, just released at HAT CLUB?

The recent collection that was released at Hat Club includes our Classic Heart Logo, Balmain Inspired IE and Inland Empire Kings. All these designs are special and this is a big move for the Inland Empire because we are bringing awareness to our community and creating an Identity for us. 


Which hat is your personal favorite?

Every hat is my personal favorite. They are all unique in their own way so it’s hard to decide. 

Any exciting projects/collections in the work?

We have a few projects coming up in the near future but, at this time I would rather not say because I don’t want to ruin the surprise.


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