Meet the HAT CLUB Team: Andrew Maniulit

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Meet Andrew, an experienced fitted collector and manager of HAT CLUB’s Solano location in Fairfield, CA. Check out what he had to say about his favorite HAT CUB hat and what influences his decision on buying a hat.

Where did your love for hats come from?

My love for hats came from the wide variety of hats I saw when I first stepped into Hat Club Solano back in 2009.

What does HAT CLUB mean to you?

Hat Club to me is a great company with great customer service, and an even better selection of hats.

What is your favorite HAT CLUB hat?

My favorite Hat Club hat would have to be the new SF Skyline Fitted in Navy and Flannel because the design is very detailed.


What influences your decision on buying a new hat?

The major influence for me to buy a hat is that it has to match my kicks. It doesn’t have to match but it has to flow with the kicks.

Do you usually wear a fitted, strapback, snapback?

I have always been a fitted guy. Never got into snapbacks and strapbacks.

What HC store do you manage and what makes your store so unique?

I manage Hat Club Solano in Fairfield, CA. What makes our store unique is the different types of people who come into the store & where they come from because Travis Air Force Base is about 10 minutes away.

Anything else to say about hats?

Hats will never go away, they are the finishing product of an outfit to many of our Hat Club customers.

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