Meet the HAT CLUB Team: Darryl Carter


Meet HAT CLUB Santa Monica’s Manager, Darryl Carter, who is a major sports fan, avid hat collector and an important piece of the HAT CLUB puzzle.

Where did your love for hats come from?
My love for hats came from being a huge sports fan who loves hip hop. Hats are the ultimate accessory.

What does HAT CLUB mean to you?
Hat club means different and unique to me. You can by a hat anywhere, but we just do hats better than the rest.

What is your favorite HAT CLUB hat?
My favorite Hat Club hat is the red LA Kings fitted. I really like this hat and find myself wearing it pretty regularly.

What influences your decision on buying a new hat?
What influences my decision to buy a hat is team, color, and fit.

Do you usually wear a fitted, strapback, snapback?
I usually wear fitteds. I have big head so snapbacks usually don’t fit me.

What HC store do you manage and what makes your store so unique?
I manage the Santa Monica location. My store is unique cause it has more of a boutique type of feel with the set up and product selection. Plus it’s not inside mall.

Anything else to say about hats?
Hats define who you are and what you represent. They are the perfect compliment to any outfit.


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