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As part of our HAT CLUB team interview series, we caught up with Michael Baldridge, manager of HAT CLUB Camino Real and an experienced hat collector since 2010.

Where did your love for hats come from?

The love of hats came back in 2010 when I first stepped into Hat Club Camino Real. Once I saw all the different styles of hats, I became hooked.

What does HAT CLUB mean to you?

To me, HAT CLUB is a place where you can come to and definitely find a hat you’re looking for. No matter which location you’re at, HAT CLUB has it all!

What is your favorite HAT CLUB hat?

My Favorite HAT CLUB hat would have to be Last Man Standing. I choose this hat simply because of its design, color scheme.

What influences your decision on buying a new hat?

The main decision making on buying a hat has to be how good it fits, plain and simple. I know no one wants to have a headache all day.

Do you usually wear a fitted, strapback, snapback?

It doesn’t matter to me just has to have a deep fit or I won’t buy it.

What HC store do you manage and what makes your store so unique?

I manage Plaza Camino Real, which is located in Diego City. What makes this store so different from other stores is that we’re located next to the largest Marine Corps Base in the world. Were happy to be serving our local heroes by making this an experience they’ll never forget.

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