Meet The HAT CLUB Team: Sam of Great Mall, Milipitas

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Meet Sam, Great Mall of The Bay’s incredible Manager. See what she has to say about HAT CLUB and hats:

Where did your love for hats come from?
I’ve always loved hats since as long as I can remember. I always felt it completed my outfit. Sometimes my hat IS my outfit!

What does HAT CLUB mean to you?
Hat Club is not just a store with hats. It’s a group of people who consider each other family, whether it’s an employee or a customer, that have a passion for the type of hats we carry.

What is your favorite HAT CLUB hat?
My favorite Hat Club hat has to be my Benny Gold Stay the Course Linen Black/Olive.

What influences your decision on buying a new hat?
For one, it’d be from Hat Club lol. But usually, what makes the final decision is the way it fits. If it doesn’t fit right, no matter how much I like the design or team, I won’t get it.

Do you usually wear a fitted, strapback, snapback?
I wear all of them, but I prefer 5 panels and fitteds the most.

What HC store do you manage and what makes your store so unique?
I manage Hat Club at the Great Mall, which is in Milpitas, Ca. Being at the Great Mall, we are visited by people from all over the world, from Brazil to Australia.


Visit her and the awesome Great Mall team:

Great Mall of the Bay

470 Great Mall Drive
Milpitas, California 95035
(408) 935-9510

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