Meet the HAT CLUB Team: Yahaida Steele


Meet one of HAT CLUB’s most valued employees and Assistant Manager of HAT CLUB Soho, Yahaida Steele:

Where did your love for hats come from?

My love of hats came from entering Hat Club Soho in April last year when they first opened. The layout of the store and all the different hats they had was something new to me.

What does HAT CLUB mean to you?

Hat Club means to me… A strong, striving and supportive family. A place where the sky is the limit and there is guidance the whole way thru. A bond, trust and loyalty from everyone in the office that is unheard of anywhere else or company that I have ever worked for. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What is your favorite HAT CLUB hat?

I don’t have a favorite hat, since we carry such amazing hats. It’s hard to choose just one. If it was up to me I would wear them all at once, as tall as “The Cat in the Hat” hat. ha ha ha

What influences your decision on buying a new hat?

What influences me on buying a new hat has to be the look and that it’s different than what everyone has.

Do you usually wear a fitted, strapback, snapback?

I usually wear whatever fits the best on my head. It doesn’t matter if it’s fitted or snap.

What HC store do you manage and what makes your store so unique?

I’m the Assistant Manager in SOHO NYC. What makes my store unique, I would have to say is US! We give everyone the experience of a lifetime. Every person that comes in is not a “customer” they are friends. Every day is a new day, new friends, and experience. Here in Soho we don’t really “work” we “chill” have fun, laugh, stories are told and a purchase is made. It’s what makes us sell hats better. Our friends always come back.

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