Red Bull New Era Fitted Hats – Exclusive & Expensive


We get a lot of people looking for Red Bull New Era fitted hats and asking us how to get a hold of them.  They’re out there, but you’ll either have to be a sponsored Red Bull athlete, or drop a wad of cash on Ebay to cop one.  You might be able to find cheaper twill adjustable or flex-fit Red Bull caps at an event, but the New Era fitteds are rare and usually costly.

One Industries produces fitted caps for Monster & Rockstar Energy drinks and we blow through them pretty quickly; especially the black Monster Triad.  Hopefully someday Red Bull will open the doors and we’ll be able to add them to the mix.  In the meantime, hit up Ebay, and stay away from the China sites.

Monster Energy Hat Club Mathieu Rebeaud Red Bull Hat
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